Roadside Assistance 24X7

Toll Free Number- 1800- 419- 0590

Toll Free Roadside assistance number provide the following services to the customer upto 1-year from the Date of Sale of vehicle.

  • Check up and rectification of minor of mechanical and / or electrical faults at the Roadside.
  • Assistance in case of Battery failure & Key lock out.
  • Arrangement of Emergency fuel at actual cost in the location (Cost of fuel to be borne by the customer).
  • Towing the vehicle to the authorized dealers, if repair cannot be undertaken at roadside (Free up to a distance of 200 kms on garage to garage basis. Additional distance shall be extra and borne by the customer).
  • Wheel changing – with the spare wheel available in the stranded vehicle.
  • Arrangement of Taxi to the customer's choice, if customer so requires as alternate traveling arrangement in case of major breakdown. The model and capacity etc. of the taxi so arranged will be at the discretion of "My TVS" and may not have matching features of the stranded vehicle of the customer (The taxi charges arecalculated on garage to garage basis and will be chargeable to the end customer from 1st Km ).
Customer Care Number –09914043043

This number is basically for registering the complaint to Service department of ICML,based at Hoshiarpur,Punjab
and for giving the feedbacks/suggestions.